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From startups to Fortune 100 companies, we advise and work hand-in-hand with organizations of all sizes to supercharge the output of their engineering teams.

Automation Tools

Automation is important for companies of all sizes. Our technology, including our WATCH platform, rapidly improves the testing process to deliver quality solutions.

Team Training

From automation principles to Agile development and testing practices, our training programs empower teams to grow their knowledge and implement best-of-breed methodologies.

Our clients see results like this within 90 days.

Decrease in production incidents
Decrease in defect rates within first year
Decrease in defect rates over the course of three years
More defects found prior to promoting code and environment changes to production

We're outcome obsessed.

At Value Stream Engineering, our team partners with technology leaders, product and engineering teams with the sole focus of improving how organizations deliver the products that fuel their business. We identify bottlenecks,
re-imagine current processes, and architect technology roadmaps.  We have a strong track record of helping each client implement solutions that make a positive, measurable impact – often within the first 90 days. How? Our team has sat in your seat and hails from the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Experian.  Our real world experience paired with automation tools make it no surprise that our clients have referred to their time
with us as the “most transformative” in their career.

Ready to accelerate your speed to market? Let's talk.

Pass rates on Security Audits, PCI and SOX compliance
Faster critical path test identification
Faster deployments
Critical path tests automated

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